The holy pilgrimage organized by Sing An temple includes two parts of activities: the share of incense (Gua-xiang) and sending gods away (Wang-qiao). It is a kind of incense folk activity that has been taken place among temples. At the beginning, the routes in Shih Gang castle gradually spread to the west coast. In the end, 76 to 90 villages in this area join this activity and this area has become the center of such culture.

Shih Gang Zi Xiang Men cattle station are going on hotly.

Ba-jia-jiang from Gi-shan House and Ba-jia-jiang from Zhen-shan Temple are trained by the same masters.

   The origin of Shih Gang Zi Incense activity is from the legend which tells a ship of gods in the south ocean drifted to Nan-he-pu in 1847. People in Nan-he-pu thus started to greet gods and then send them away. In fact, 1874 is the first year that this temple started the sending gods away. It is also a year of reconstruction. The history of sharing of incense should be detailed from the legend of “The first king ship found by people in Ku-ma temple . There should be seven phases during development. Every phase represents a period of time with its specific historical background.

The seven phases of Shih Gang Zi Incense development



year Time Name of the activity Note



Ku-ma temple held a ceremony to greet gods on water.

1784 People from Ku-ma temple first found a King Ship.



Sing An temple in Zseng wen river area held a ceremony to greet gods from water. The first and the second was based on legends.



Sing An temple with incense rituals held a ceremony to greet gods from water. 1847 The first ceremony of
Wang qiao.



Sing An temple, Matu branch held a ceremony to greet gods from water. 1856 the ceremony of sending disease gods was held in Lu-er-men.



Sing An temple, Lu-er branch held a ceremony to greet gods from water. 1871 Matu temple was destroyed
by a flood.



People in Sing An temple went to Tu Chen to worship their ancestors. 1940 This change was due to
a traffic problem.



People in Sing An temple went to Matu temple to worship their ancestors. 1958 Roads to Tu Chen had been blocked. Therefore, people changed to Lu-er temple.



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