Interview with the manager of Sing An temple and Mr. Chen He-shun is presented below. We conducted this interview in a private space. Six of us plus Mr. Chen were totaled 7 people in the room. Mr. Chen answered all of the questions we asked. Some of us were doing asking question and some of us were taking notes from our conversation. He spoke only local Taiwanese which we had limited knowledge about and, we had a hard time understanding the conversations. He told us that the main god in Sing An temple is Mazu (goddess). He also showed us some of the old pictures that were kept for a long time. What really impressed us was that some of the old pictures were taken during rituals. When the photos were processed, there were two images of carps which weren’t in the rituals previously in the ritual. The saying of Sing An temple locates at a sacred cave which was guided by carps is quiet persuasive. 

Q: How long had Sing An temple been built?
A: It was built about three hundred years ago.

Q: How many year does Sing An temple hold King Ship burning rituals?
A: King Ship burning ritual is held every three years. (It was held basically on the year of ox, dragon, goat, and dog.) 

Q: About the volunteers in the temple, how long will they help here (for the rituals)?
A: They will stay here and help for a week, roughly.

Q: Do you feel happy when you helped the rituals?
A: We did this for peace of the country and wellness for the following year. 

Q: How many peoples do you estimate to come participate this ceremony?
A: There are usually more than 10 thousand people that come to participate. 

Q: Do you know why Sing An temple was built in Shih Gang?
A: It is because Shih Gang is the centre of scattered temples in this area. That’s why people built it here. 

Q: what’s the origin of flax festival?
A: Because Shih Gang people grow very good quality of flax and the local government wants to promote its production. Therefore, the local government holds a festival every year in hope of gaining economic profits. 

Q: Do people who volunteer to be the managers of temples wish to gain more protection from gods?
A: Of course they do. 

Q: Can you tell us the origins of Song-jiang Station, Ku-hua station, and the Eight Generals station?
A: All I know is that these stations came from the practice of holy priglimony.

Q: Is there any special stories about Sing An temple?
A: Sing An temple locates in a carp cave.

Q: What does it mean a carp cave?
A: It is a piece of low land that were guarded by spirits of carps.

Q: Qian-Sui god in Sing An temple was said to be one of the twelve plague gods. Does that mean he is the designated one?
A: Qian-Sui gods are just gods, not the designated one. 

Q: What god holds the highest position and power?
A: That would be Mazu.

Q: How many people come to worship here?
A: There were too many to number it.

Q: Is there special carving art works here in this temple?
A: All of the carves are covered with a thin layer of gold, and these are all special. 

Q: How much money did it take to hold Holy Pilgrimage? Where did the money come from?A: The money was mostly collected from believers in villages. 

Q:Why is it every “three” years to hold one Holy Pilgrimage?
A: We just followed the guidance from gods.

Q: What is the reason that the Holy Pilgrimage here attracted so many people to come visit?
A: These people have been being loyal to gods, and that’s why the Holy Pilgrimage bought so many people.  

Q: Do you know the origin of King Ship burning rituals?
A: It began in 1784. 

Q: Who starts the fire on King Ship?
A: the fire must be started by a Taoist priest.  

Q: What is the purpose of burning a King Ship?
A: It is believed to be a way of sending gods back to haven.


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