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Date: Feb 25th, 2010
This is the last time we come to this computer classroom. What we were told to do was to check minor mistakes on our website. Our teacher told us that our study did not pass the competition for that the construction of website had been processed too slow to be submitted. Thus, we worked as hard as we could and hoped to get a second chance. We updated our website immediately right after the first trail. Later on, our teacher told us the great news that we were back to the competition! Whee…our emotional curves had drawn right to the peak! It felt like we just came to haven from hell. On our website, it had not yet been inserted pictures for the section of “basic knowledge of Shih-Gang” and the section of “the first Taiwan incense” by the time we uploaded. We worked really hard to check if there was anything wrong.  In this tedious process, some suggested that certain pictures needed to be switched, and some thought the internet speed had been too slow to progress on schedule. We had to be very patient to go through all the details. We had been notified that the extended deadline was the next morning and therefore we had little time to make. We realized that we had no time to waste. Much of the information was cited from sources. Teacher Lin Qing-biao and teacher Sie Wu-Chang helped us contact the authorities and confirmed the legal rights using the relevant information. What they did had great comfort to us. We appreciate their supports and kindness. We also built up closer ties among this team. To think of what we’ve been through, the next morning was going to be the final step and we had an agreement that it’s totally worth it!


Date: Feb 24th, 2010
It was only two days before the closure of this competition. One of the group members was writing “ten features of Shih Gang holy pilgrimage” and others were working on “Feng Shui Station of peace vs. war in Guei-wei year” and “show schedules”. There were still others who were retaking pictures that we missed and some were writing daily notes for this project. For the rest of the members, they read to gain more knowledge about the history of Shih Gang. We were very thankful to have many resources. Our supervisor had pushed us to make us work hard. We were also told to leave messages on our website. Many of the members did that quickly so that we could finish the website construction. While uploading files, every member must pay lots of attention to the names and pictures. We paid great attention to all the details. Besides the correction work, members must also read the context again and again to make sure that the text was well organized. We told ourselves that we must not rest until the end of this project. Good luck to us! Back to top

Date: Feb 23rd, 2010
All the members were busy at their assignments: write their feelings about this project, organize materials, construct web pages, phototakeing pictures and art edition. All of us worked really hard because we wanted to show the best work to the public with the greatest hope. We wanted to prove that we did the best. This project took us two months to accomplish. One of our school teachers told us that we had done a great job. Teacher Jhang Zhen-ming even helped paraphrase the power point file today. We also felt lucky to have those people who took our interviews. Shih Gang is really a place full of kindness.

Date: Feb 20th, 2010
Again, we were together in this computer classroom. We assigned ourselves to profile personal data today. Our website was initially established. We had constructed a lot of the data into the system and thus made our web page fruitful. Website builders showed us their work and only few pictures were needed to be added. Time was limited and we had a handful thing to do. Lucky goddess must be standing on our side, we knew that. Deadline was getting closer and we promised to devote ourselves into this study. Our supervisor gave us extra materials so that by reading them, we could be inspired. The website builders had divided our materials into six sections. Deadline would come in a week and pressure came with it.

Date: Feb 18th, 2010
The School Cyber Fair 2009 was done for days and we couldn’t leave messages on board. Teacher Huang Zong-wei told us that we must come to the computer classroom to do our work for the future three days. He also said that we should finish all the work before winter vocation for we had to write our own webpage on our own. Our supervisors were talking about taking us to Sing-An temple for photos. Members who live in that area had to go pray at that temple to gain protection from gods. Some of the members who live far from the temple had difficulties visiting Sing-An temple and their tasks were completed by members who live near by. We encouraged ourselves to do our best and followed the schedule. Meet the deadlines!! Yes, we could. Back to top

Date: Feb 16th, 2010
    Today, we had a chance to visit the head of the village, Mr. Wu. One of the members was occupied and couldn’t make to the interview. Teacher Lin Qing-biao, Huang Zong-wei and six of us all went. Once we got to the house of Mr. Wu, Mr. Wu fixed us some tea immediately. He looked busy. Teacher Lin told him to slow down. The tea he made for us was nice and hot. It smelled good too. After that, we started our interview. Mr. Wu was definitely a person with a lot of enthusiasm. He helped answer all the questions we prepared for him. Later on, one of the city councilors arrived. The councilor had a lot to talk with teacher Lin and that made it hard for us to talk to him. We then focused talking to Mr. Wu and we all had a great time.


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